Saturday, April 4, 2009

Some distinctions that must be made

I want to clarify some details for a few other bloggers that have recently commented on my posts (and, again thank you for your comments). I want to just quickly say though, and apologize, if I have been using the term 'Pro-Ana' incorrectly. I know that this is a term that is contentious, but also has changed throughout the years. When I use 'pro-ana' I have been using it to delineate both those sites that define themselves as such, but also those blogs that use some of the same codes as these sites (such as posting 'thinspiration', talk about tips and diets, posting body measurements in the same way, as well as creating a network of support). I realize, thanks to your blogs and comments, that there is a difference between the blog community and 'pro-ana' community, as it is a space that is not judgemental and somewhere to simply express what you are going through. I can totally appreciate that the two worlds are different. Yet, they share a lot of similar traits... any thoughts?



  1. I think the separation probably occured around the time of "dying to be thin: a pro ana blog" started to gather a lot of followers after many of the original sites were shut down. She doesn't write anymore but is seen as something of a pioneer within the community so might make a good starting point or reference in your research...

    I think your study is really fascinating and would be willing to discuss it with you further should you wish... You can email me at my blogging email

  2. i love dying to be thin, a pro ana blog. she is (her blog)referenced quite a bit in bloggerland