Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Alot of the future

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the future. Perhaps it is just that time of year. The semester is close to wrapping up in final. I am going to be done my undergraduate career. This blog might take a serious back seat. But it is the future I am still interested in. Where does this leave the rest of the ED online community? How long does one count calories and take unsustainable measures in order to lose weight quickly? How long can this go on? As some members exit new bloggers will enter. And as online communities flourish, where are the new places this community will thrive?

From what I understand Ana is a precarious feature (or dare I say 'creature') in one's life. There seems to be a comfort, a sense of control, in maintaining the behavior. But the cost of ones physical and mental health is great. So where does recovery fit into this picture? How can, or does the blogging community help facilitate healthier eating and body image?

What immediately strikes me is the support on blog comments when someone meets a weight loss goal using unhealthy methods. There is also much encouragement when someone feels down about their body image. I am highly critical that these trends work to help people find outside support when the behavior is normalized and encouraged online.

I am also aware that certain bonds are made online. How does one address the fact that perhaps they have recovered, or are in recovery to the online community? Can one maintain such relationships. It is this exit from the community, to a future without eating disorders that intrigues me. Especially when we consider how this community might interpret such transitions.

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  1. congrats on getting to the end of your undergrad!! I'm sure your thesis will get you really high recognition (maybe first class?) =)

    just a note on the above ...yes we support and say well done when someone loses weight BUT we also say 'good for you' when someone decides they are ready to recover ~ and we congratulate them on taking that major step. I know I that I wish i could recover - but not yet.

    One example: