Thursday, April 16, 2009

How to express appreciation.

How to express the kind of appreciation I feel in lieu of this research is beyond me. But I am going to try...

I want to share a little bit about my experience online. For those of you who have read all my entries, sorry if this is repeatative ( so - basically, Professor Forte...). In terms of my research methodology, following publicly as 'Beatrice Button' made me really nervous. I was afraid of disrupting and upsetting bloggers. In fact, I know that I have been an upsetting presence for some. But, what I have discovered, and I find this aspect incredibly amazing, is the honesty and openness with which I have been welcomed in this community.
I want to thank all of those bloggers who have commented on my entries, e-mailed messaged me and been helpful in answering my questions. I love when I get comments suggesting I look at a certain book, or read a certian blog, or when there have been corrections on my own interpretations. Thank you for engaging me.

I want to say that this community is deeply moving. I feel torn in a hundred different directions when I start to assess my own feelings on what is happening here. I see a lot of complex relationships that exist in this community. It has inspired me to do more research on the subject and hopefully be active in working in the feild. For those bloggers whose entries I have read through, I commend your honesty and bravery in dealing with such an affliction. I wish you nothing but the best of health in your futures and happiness.

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