Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The golden ticket!

Remember how I was all "I can't get access to the sites I need... what to do? What to do?"
Remember how I was all "Wow - youtube really has a lot of 'pro-ana' videos..."?
Remember how I was all "These sites seem to have had their hey-day...."?

For about the month of February I waited for reponses, looked on open forums, but was feeling like my research was pretty thin (no pun intended). Then it hit me like a big ton of bricks. These sites might be shut, but the videos are still being posted... the girls are still out there. According to literature on the pro-ana online community, the sites facilitated a space in which young women can express and support their struggles, successes without judgement, and without the threat of being 'turned in' for treatment. Thus there will always be a need for the community no matter how perverse it may seem to an outsider. It seems that the Pro-Ana community is moved to no other than BLOGGER!!! Type in pro-ana blog on goggle and you'll get tons of links; look at who is following each other and it becomes very apparent that everything that the 'pro-ana' websites once facilitated is now happening through blogging and (for me, at least) this is a far more concise and expressive way of interacting. 

I will leave this post a bit short here, but I will update with more details soon.

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